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Aries compatibility: Which zodiac is your perfect match?

Virgo likes to think things through and will prefer the night be planned out in advance. They'll want to set a time to come home and be wary of letting Aries in for a nightcap.

Dreamy and Steamy

Less is more for Virgo in love , which paradoxically, can make Aries up for the challenge! Virgo may seem like a mysterious, self-contained loner that is hard to attain. But cardinal Aries loves to dash off for a spontaneous adventure, setting alarms off for Virgo about the details—where will we stay, how much will this cost, etc. The Aries flames are smothered in all the Virgoan fretting, analyzing and cautious planning.

Virgo sees Aries as reckless and missing crucial steps, and Aries will feel ensnared in a web of criticism.

Aries Compatibility: What Is The Most Compatible Sign For Aries?

This goes around in a vicious cycle until Aries storms out the door, not looking back. Unless there are other compatible planets, this is a mismatch that makes each feel insecure.

Aries & Aries // Compatibility

Keep in mind that Virgo needs a certain amount of stability, and for things to unfold over time. The sensual nature of Virgo is revealed in stages, and it takes patience to lure it out.

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Virgo warms up to someone who is there, day in and day out. If you find yourself caught up in the Ram's charisma and disarming charm, it's natural to wonder if you're a best match for Aries. When examining best love matches, companion fire signs of Sagittarius and Leo are most compatible with Aries. Another Aries may also work if all of the other planets in each chart are cooperative.

If you're wondering what sign is most compatible with Aries, this is your answer.

Aries Best Love Matches

This match has great potential. Both signs are as mentally and physically agile. They will challenge each other, but they share so many similar likes and activities that they enjoy being together. When fire meets fire passions explode, and fire can burn itself out if not careful. On the other hand, adventure is a fire sign fuel.

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So, this couple will have many wonderful stories to tell their grandchildren as well as a few stories they won't be able to tell anyone - ever. Of the two, Aries is more intense and demonstrative, but Sagittarius will be eager to go along with whatever fun Aries cooks up.

Sagittarius has impeccable social skills that Aries appreciates and finds sexy. Both signs are social divas, although Leo is more so than Aries. But this can also create an unhealthy dependency, where Aries is drained from constantly pumping up an insecure person, and loses sight of their own pursuits. They need a certain amount of attention and applause. The perfect match for an Aries will share a thirst for adventure but also act as an anchor and a sounding board. To be with an Aries, you need range—and loads of patience. Given too much free reign, Aries can become selfish, demanding and bratty.

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