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Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: January 5, , Astrological Chart approximately 26 to 30 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) and .
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After transiting Uranus on our North Node in the last year, this new moon may give us more direction. I have to say I was excited when I realised it was right on my Ceres. Although I realise Pluto is right there too and Uranus is squaring over in Aries. Thanks for the great post! I won a custody case with transiting Pluto square my Sun. So Pluto on your Ceres might act in a similar way, toughen you up, more ruthless which you need to be in court. Totally not conjunct my Ceres — I was still thinking capricorn mode and jumped the gun! I loved your Virgo forecast this month as my ascendant is Virgo decan 3 as well… it looks pretty promising on both accounts.

Can I ask simply because all my googling has come to naught — would you say Uranus square natal Ceres is a disastrous aspect? Nothing has to be disastrous. It makes sense that you would have an aspect like this going through a custody battle. Hi Jamie its libra decan 3 this jup,pluto and uranus transit this january giving me a headache, some kind of legal and struggle with authority so how wud be in end for libra decan 3. I would be interested to know what affect this may have on us.

You do, I bet — and all will culminate over that weekend. Just be sure to be very realistic, because Neptune will oppose the moon. Sometimes we all make assumptions about things, especially in a relationship, but we can be off. I had a boyfriend who lived a little far from New York and used to say over and over how much he adored New York. One day I was curious and asked, when do you think you would move here? He became upset — he said he would never move to New York. I told him I assumed he would from what he had said about the city, but he vehemently disagreed — loving a city did not mean he would move there.

That was to later change — eventually he did move to New York, but in the end, things did not work out, for in several years, he missed his home city and his relatives — so he moved back. February March 16 Jupiter is in a fine aspect with Pluto which is all about success and influencing others. Anyone who is in position of prominence politically can make a huge impact because others are listening carefully. It can help us the public get clear on what we believe in and what we don't believe in. The point is that there are absolutely no planets in retrograde motion right now…January 23 is when Mars will be turning retrograde at p.

The last time there were no planets retrograde was from December 30, — January 26, The next time that there will be a phase with absolutely no planets retrograde will be from January 30, — February 18, Starting a new project or business during this phase is ideal. By the way, Neptune in Aquarius and Saturn in Libra are still in a very positive aspect which brings practicality together with spiritual principles.

January 12222 Eclipse Astrology

This aspect began in the middle of December and will be gifting us with blessings to put into action until February 3, Jupiter and Uranus are in a favorable aspect December 1, -January 28, which increases awareness and intuitive intelligence, globally. Daily life takes up so much energy. January 1 begins with Mercury in a nasty angle with Mars which began 2 days ago.

January 3 the Sun is in a challenging aspect with Neptune , usually means confusion and misunderstandings. Avoid making any assumptions. January Mercury is now nicely aspecting Saturn and Neptune. Ah Ha! Clear thinking enables you to put visionary heart felt thoughts into practical application.

An excellent aspect for teachers. January 6 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Mars known to stir up competition and disappointment if your needs are not met, right this minute. January Mercury is in a positive aspect with Jupiter and an awkward aspect with Uranus. There are plenty of ideas floating around to be discussed. This is a brainstorming time, however these ideas need to percolate a bit longer.

January Mercury enters Capricorn at a. This is a fine time for writing and studying the economic situation and learning that which could be useful. Be practical in your thinking, take your time, think clearly before making decisions — Mercury in Capricorn likes that and will reward you. January 9 Full Moon at a. The past propaganda has imprinted people and they are not ready to see clearly in the present. You might be able to offer some insights if you are easy, slow and respectful of others needs to maintain some sense of stability and security to what was seemingly the truth even though we know now that the truth is not what we thought it was.

January the Sun in Capricorn is in a favorable aspect with Mars in Virgo which ought to get you going with all that energy being emitted. Because Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs that makes this a super productive time. January Venus is conjunct Neptune and they are both nicely aspecting Saturn. A relationship that begins now will have a strong foundation based on similar values. Mercury is conjunct Pluto taking your mind to a deeper level of perceiving. You mighty be able to ascertain what others are thinking.

January Venus is nicely aspecting Jupiter which is perfect for a party or a fund raising event. Everyone just about will be in a great mood. January 13 — February 7 Venus in Pisces. Could be a romantic time when films are more about loving compassion than about sexual fulfillment. January 14 Venus is aspecting Uranus indicating the time to express your individuality in new ways with a stamp of your own creativity. January the Sun is in an awkward aspect with Saturn which usually brings about limitations and delays, a sure recipe for developing more patience.

January Venus is nicely aspecting Pluto which is great for dancing freely letting the music carry you. January the Sun is in a positive aspect with Uranus embracing the deep inner urge for freedom to speak the truth without fear. January 19 the Sun is in a favorable aspect with Neptune which can uplift and inspire you and those who come in contact with you.

January 20 the Sun enters Aquarius at a. January the Sun is awkwardly aspecting Jupiter and is an aspect of expansion and freedom to be yourself with little regard for rules or etiquette. January 23 the New Moon takes place at a. January 23 Mars goes retrograde at p. Mars stays in retrograde motion until April Best to wait until it turns direct in mid-April. Put your thoughts into planning and researching and be diligent about it. January Mercury is uncomfortably aspecting Saturn setting your mind on negative thoughts of worry, shame and guilt, this is especially likely if you were born between January , April , July , October , of any year.

January February 13 Mercury is in Aquarius, now, taking us to lofty ideals of how it could be, should be, might be, in the future for all of humanity. Allow yourself to dream big and envision your highest goals for all of us. Mercury enters into Aquarius today at precisely p. January the Sun is awkwardly aspecting Mars, known to be competitive and argumentative.

Venus In Pisces Transit "It's Complicated" January 4th - February 3rd 2017 All Signs

Venus is in a challenging aspect with Jupiter usually known to mess up your diet and exercise regime with tasty treats calling out to you like the sirens in the oceans. January Mercury is aspecting Jupiter and Uranus expanding your awareness. A great time for taking a class or studying something which is mind expanding in a group, of course, with Mercury in Aquarius!

January the Sun is in a positive aspect with Pluto which is one of my all time favorite aspects. Pluto strengthens our inner relationship to our High Self when it aspects the Sun making it a time when just about anything is possible. What have you got your sights on? Opportunities come to you which help you to express your truth. This is especially powerful for all those born: January , February , April , August September 2, October November 1, and December , of any year. I hope that all of you decide to make the most of this potently positive energy. Who knows if it has lasting potential?

That all depends on the individuals natal and progressed charts. January 31 Mercury is aspecting Pluto, favorably making your observations astute. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you. I appreciate your subscription to this newsletter. I enjoy writing it. Love, Ananur. December begins with Mercury retrograde. Mercury's been retrograde since November 24th. As I write this, it is November 18th and my computer has been at the shop for 2 days.

I see this as an indicator that this retrograde phase will be a real doozie. Get prepared as best you can. Mercury will be turning direct on December 13 at p. There will be a total lunar eclipse this month on December My research shows that the eclipse will be most visible in the Philippines, Asia, Australia and N.

December 1 Venus and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn promising to heat up your love relationship. Well, since it wants action now or even yesterday, in a water sign that has no boundaries like Pisces it can get a little sloggy or deep or downright weird.

We may have to move on things and trust we will see clearly once this transit is over or hold ourselves back since things are not picking up enough steam to suit us. This may be about hidden situations, karmic matters, magical things, anything in the arts, a spiritual matter, the romance, an addiction or bad habit, a tendency to retreat, isoate or hide, the research or investigation, a hospital or other institution, or secrets or deceptions, spies or hidden enemies. It's complicated. Our week ahead is also about Venus Retrograde ending and our now forward motion back into love, income, women, and beauty themes as it slowly picks up speed through it's shadow.

It's out last week of Venus being Retrograde and taking us back to rekindle, release or rework things with partners, clients, specialists, agents, attorneys, opponents, competitors, or advocates when it comes to Venus themes: love, income, beauty, objects of art, luxury, or women.

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I will cover the stand-out days and how they look and what area of life they will impact for your sign, tune in! The Show had to be postponed until Sunday at 8pm Eastern so tune in then or catch it on the replay. Our week ahead has Uranus heading into Aries for the last time this lifetime for a 4 month tour to finish the story he started in Destiny moves into Cancer where he last toured 18 years ago to kick off an 18 month cycle. Karma heads into Capricorn where he last toured 18 years ago to kick off an 18 month cycle.

And Jupiter heads into Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years to kick off a year-long cycle of bigger things here.

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It's a week to be reckoned with! In the week leading up to Halloween the veil grows thin, more psychic messages, dreams and signs flow around you peaking your perception and sparking your curiosity. The Sun will be moving into alignment with Venus Retrograde to allow for past love, income, women, or beauty interests to arrive. The Sun will also meet with time-keeper, Saturn, to cement something in an opportune way. Mercury will form his last expansive or lucky merging with Jupiter for another 12 years in the sign Scorpio, opening up a lot of possibility via talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, or other Mercury ruled topics via the things that Scorpio rules and Jupiter is about.

Mercury will then enter into Sagittarius to start an extended story about legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, ceremonial, religious, or political interests. And finally, Venus ends the part of her Retrograde through Scopio and takes it into Libra where she will finish her Retrograde by Nov 16th. So, we have a whole lot to cover for each sign, tune in to hear how it looks for you!

The Sun heads into Scorpio adding intensity to personal and physical experiences while the Moon is building to a Full Moon in Taurus mid-week and this will bring things to a head with our income, purchases, possessions, products, or values. So, it's a big astrology week for every sign, tune in to hear how it impacts you! Mercury opens up talks, offers, meetings, ideas, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, or decisions MEETING UP WITH Venus Retrograde on the same degree about the past or reworking the current love, income, women, or beauty interests and you are at a turning point where you can choose which way things go.

Tune in to hear how your sign is involved in this, key times and ideas about how to make it work or go away. Your astrology for the week ahead with Zoe Moon, make it count! Not only is this a mega-do-ovver thanks to Venus, but it's only once every 12 years when Jupiter is in the same territory makikng it a bigger deal so I will be breaking it down with highlights about key dates and influences. This opens up forward momentum with partners, clients, specialists, reps, opponents, competitors, or advocates, as well as with new or next level opportunities for balance, justice or higher esthetics.

Wow, tune in, hear how it impacts your sign! PLUTO has been Retrograde since April 22nd this year and so we may have slowed doown or been working more on the inside or looking at reworking ongoing scenarios or revisiting past situations since then when it comes to sex, intimacy, jealousy, obsession, reproduction, birth, death, divorce, or any of the big financial interests such as loans, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, alimony, or the like.

In our week ahead he comes out of his slumber here and reawakens, ready to move into that next thing. As he moves through the week ahead on his journey forward over the next 6 months he will connect with Mercury for one very powerful, intense, evolving talk, meeting, agreement, sale, writing, interview, offer, or decision about it and it's going to push you so, tune in to hear how it impacts your sign! Both Mercury and the Sun head into relationship Libra to kick off our week and get us into personal or physical talks and meetings, proposals and offers, sales and agreements, writing or decisions with romantic partners, business partners, clients, speccialists, agents, attorneys, or the opposition.

Balance is key, as are higher esthetics and this should be a welcome path for many of us as things ease a bit moving forward. Since Venus is in her Shadow readying for her Retrograde in October and she rules Libra, the past may be starting to come back around in these areas as well. The Full Moon is in Aries in our week ahead and this means we can be reaching goals, wrapping up projects, ending situations, or celebrating and the focus is on our own interests, body, image, brand, name, title, or identity. This and more await, tune in to hear how it impacts your sign!

Mercury is all about our thoughts, ideas, talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, short trips, propoosals, and decisions. It is heading into Leo in the week ahead where all of this will turn towards true love and lovers, children and creative ventures, drama and recreational pursuits and it will get us busier with these themes in forward motion up until July 26 when Mercury will Retrograde and slow things down, trigger reversals, take us back into the past for another shot at something, bring about exits in current scenarios or give us a big do-over to get things right in ongoing scenarios.

Once we move through several weeks in flux with this in the Retrograde phase we will then go Direct again on Aug 19th, moving forward with whatever we worked out in new ways up until Sept 5th. So we have an epic story starting up in our week ahead, tune in to hear how it impacts your sign and what the key dates are we'll be dealing with as we dive in. We start into the Mars Retrograde in the week ahead and we shift direction when it comes to passions, anger, fights, motivation, and activity. We are aiming this at our aspirations, freedom, original projects, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or gatherings.

It's a do-over, tune in to hear how it will impact your sign. There is also a Full Moon in the week ahead bringing things to a peak with personal goals, career, fame, reputation, status, leadership abilities, and authority figures like the boss, parent, judge, mentor, and other higher-ups.

Tune in to hear about this and more! We have lots of personal planetary energy on tap in the week ahead. Our New Moon momentum is still in force but aligning with some very favorable influences, Neptune-the planet of imagination, romance, artistry, deception, addictions, delusions, institutions, investigations, secrets, and the veil between worlds ends his forward movement in our lives and starts his Retrograde, and finally, the life giving Sun shifts gears into the sign Cancer for the next 30 days so you'll want to tune in to hear how it impacts your sign and those you care about!

This means a cosmic boost with communications, information, merchant interests, and transporation, new focus on home, family, moves, renovations, real estate deals, parents, roommates, or security needs, and new focus on love, lovers, creative ventures, kids, or recreaitonal pursuits. Tune in to hear how your sign is influenced!

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all 3 quite active in our week ahead impacting our personal or physical involvement in things, our talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, offers, short trips, and local activities, as well as our love life, income, beauty interests, and the women out there. Tune in to hear how all this astrology impacts your sign with astrologer Zoe Moon! The Sagittarius Full Moon peaks in our week ahead bringing big endings, celebrations, wrap-ups, and achievements with legal matters, educational pursuits, weddings, other ceremonies, travel plans, people at a distance, media ventures, marketing plans, religious interests, and political matters.

On the same day, Mercury heads into Gemini where he will tour over the weeks ahead amping up the talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, offes, short trips, interviews, local activities, sibling and neighbor interactions, focus on vehicles and electronics, ideas, and decisions. It's a lighter, more flirtatious, duaity-driven period of learning or sharing information. Our astrology in the week ahead starts with Venus kicking off a new love, income, women, and beauty cycle through Cancer. This means we get more home-body about these matters, work from home, share love at home, involve family, nurture, security, and our emotional needs will drive things over the weeks ahead.

The Sun then moves into Gemini where it will urge us to get out and involve ourselves more in local activities or short trips, writing, agreements, sales, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, flirtations, or decisions over the weeks ahead. Both are going to shift us into new territory, tune in to hear how it impacts your sign! This might be the most explosive, wild week of the year. Mercury moves into Taurus opening up news, talks and decisions about our money, possessions, land, values, purchases, what we builld, food, and products. Two days later a New Moon gives us a 2-week boost forward in this territory and on the same day Uranus, the planet of sudden change, shock, awakening, invention, and excitement, moves into this sign for the first time since his last tour here between to begin an 8-year tour here!

As if this isn't enough to take us all into new territory, Mars then moves into Aquarius the next day, the sign ruled by Uranus, and immediately squares challenges Uranus in Taurus by triggering a major push, aggression, fight, war, passion, or action involving freedom, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, gatherings, original projects, causes, radicalism, rebellions, earthquakes, volcanos, visionary matters, or aspirations. Mars will continue then to keep us active about these last matters over the weeks and months ahead as he will be retrograding up ahead to make this a much longer story with 3 chapters before it's done.

The week ahead is one of personal planetary energy, tune in to hear how it impacts your sign! Your horoscopes, your astrology, with Zoe Moon. It will be about something peaking, whether that is an ending, achievement, breakthrough, wrap-up, or celebration, things are climaxing with financial matters, sex, reproductive needs, divorce, death, birth, power, manipulations, jealousy, the underworld, and self-empowerment.

Tune in to hear how it impacts your sign, this and more in our week ahead. Pluto retrogrades joining Saturn in his backwards journey through Capricorn and a do-over for anyone wanting to review, release, rekindle, or rework goals, career or connections with authority figures. It's focused on financial, sexual, reproductive, mortality, divorce, or third-party scenarios so expect things to shift gears. The Sun heads into Taurus where he'll tour for the next 4 weeks and Venus heads into Gemini where she'll tourn until May 19th.

Tune in to hear how all this and more are impacting your sign! Mercury Retrograde ends so we shift directions with our personal and physical choices and exit the glitchy, malfunctioning do-over of the last 3 and a half weeks. We will go Direct on the 15th and pass the post-shadow on May 4th. On the day that Mercury goes Direct we also have a New Moon in the same sign, Aries, so it is a double boost forward into new or next level territory, sure to get us out there and moving on our interests again without the hiccups.

Finally, Saturn is Retrograding in Capricorn on the 17th and will take us back over his lessons or give us a breather from new ones now through September 6th. We finally have some good astrology aspects kicking into play in our week ahead and this should bring harmony or opportunity your way. The week ahead brings us a Full Moon in Libra and a culmination with at least one relationship in our lives.

This can mean a breakthrough, ending, wrap-up, achievement, celebration, or finalization with a partner, clients, a specialist, the agent, attorney, competitor, a leader, opponent, or an advocate. It can also bring cliamxes over where we are in our lives with justice, balance or higher esthetics. Tune in to hear how this will impact your sign and for more about what is going on in the week ahead! This is about heading back into the past to reconnect with past people, issues, opportunities, or situations, to release, rekindle or rework things.

It's about slowing down in current situations or having someone or thing exit to give you the space to rethink, rework or revamp something. And it is about signals getting crossed, malfunctioning equipment, uncertainty, and difficult times reaching others because it is in the chaos that you slow down enough to catch something that might have gone unnoticed.

TUNE IN to hear how it impacts your sign, the degrees it will cover and the significant dates involved, and more. New territory opens up via our New Moon in Pisces, giving us fresh energy behind artistic, romantic, spiritual, healing, hospital, or research themes. Mars heads into Capricorn where he will travel forward amping up the activity with personal goals, career, fame, and authority figures over the weeks ahead with a note to return during his Retrograde phase for a do-over up in August.

So it's a long story that is getting underway, tune in to hear how this and more will impact your sign!

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The progress we are making, the return to past needs, and our ambitions, limits and responsibilities, are all pushing us harder in the week ahead, different areas for each sign, but an important week to take a deep breath and deal. Tune in to hear your astrology for the week ahead! Jupiter rules our philosophy, religious beliefs, politics, educational systems, law, media, ceremonies, adventures, and personal growth.

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It is about ideals and expansion. It Retrogrades in the week ahead so we slow down and we go back to the drawing board to review what we've done or not done, to reconnect wtih past people, issues or opportunities, and rework, release or rekindle things. We will notice that something is shifting gears in these areas in the week ahead.

Personal planets, Mercury and VEnus, end their tour of Pisces and head into Aries where they will now be more warlike, aggressive, passionate, courageous, with a fighting spirit, and ready to get motivated and do something. Mercury will bring this about via talks, ideas, meetings, agreements, writing, sales, interviews, offers, short trips, local or community activities, and decision-making.

Venus will bring it about via women, love, income, or beauty interests. So, we head into quite the week, tune in to hear how your sign is impacted! Your astrology in the week ahead, Feb 22 - March 1, with astrologer Zoe Moon. Take a peak into what the stars have in store for your zodiac sign! We head into our first week of New Moon Solar Eclipse energy that boosts us over Aquarius astrology themes. At the same time the personal energy is diving into Pisces to give us one of the more mystical and magical times of the year. Tune in to hear how your zodiac sign is impacted and how you can best use this combination for good!

This is powerful in it's boosting power to move us forward into new territory so tune in to hear how your sign is impacted! We also have Venus moving into Pisces this week where she will tour over the weeks ahead, giving us a new influence on love, income, wome, and beauty interests. I'm covering Feb for all signs.

It's BIG. For those of you who listened to the last version, my apologies, I was up in the mountains and I did the entire hour show and wrapped it up before knowing that the audio was not going through. This is a second version I just recorded from my studio so you should now be able to hear all about what is coming in the week ahead! The Sun takes up new residence in Aquarius and we all start to move towards the things it rules over the next 30 days, tune in to hear how your sign is impacted.

There is also a powerful bit of news or a profoud idea or decision coming together this week that will be interesting to look into, see you there! Mercury enters Capricorn for several weeks to open up talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, offers, and decisions about your career, personal goals or authority figures like bosses, judges, parents, or mentors in the week ahead.

Sun enters Sagittarius

Tune in for the details! Want to know about the major influences for the year and how they will impact your sign? A Full Moon in Gemini brings major news, talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, offers, or moments with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, short trips, local activities, or decisions to a peak.

The week ahead will be a time of endings, finalizations, breakthroughs, celebrations, or achievements in these matters.